Thursday, July 2, 2009

Popeye's and others.

I had Popeye's for the first time today. I have to say, it was quite enak. I would say better than KFC, but still just a fast food, fried chicken joint. The cashier girl thought Pittsburgh was in Newyork, and there was a crazy guy who victoriously locked his bike before entering the restaurant, but other than that is was a nice dinning experience. It was a nice comforting meal and great conversation after a rather confusing and frustrating day in class. We learned about sudah dan baru today and I did not really understand all of the concepts until the last 3 minutes of class! Too, the classes were combined today (because Bu Ameila sudah kurang enak badan), which was not the greatest because it is difficult to concentrate with so many people asking ridiculous questions and wasting so much time. I felt bad for Bu Melisa too. She had to put up with a lot of crap today. Thankfully, tomorrow is the weekend and I'm going to Chicago for the 4th with the BFC! It should be another montage of super fun activities and adventures!

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