Sunday, July 5, 2009

Botchi, Beer, and Best Friends

The BFC went to DeKalb/ Chicago this weekend for the 4th. We left on Friday around 3:00 pm. It was supposed to be 2:30, but Gilles was still without a working cell, so it took some time to round everyone up. Almost as soon as we got on the road the music wars began. Ipods are great, but they make for incredible music snobs. Steve's was the only ipod everyone seemed to agree upon, so for a bit we traveled back to the golden days of the 90s. All in all the ride was short and sweet, but I was riding bitch (which is never that great) so I was smashed a lot.

We arrived to Frank's place, got the quick tour, then were off again, this time to the kantor pos to pick up Frank's mail. On the way there we honked at some Vets that were standing on the corner being proud and all and were acknowledged with jeers of appreciation. Since Dekalb is void of a night life we settled on a cook-out at Frank's. For this we had to make a stop at the WalBillie.

The trip was anything but quick, but what else can you expect going to the cheapest place in town for grub? It was clear from the start that some people (Gilles and Christy) were confused as to what a cook-out was exactly. We were in the produce section, shucking our corn, when the Canadian suggested we buy some "cakes and breads." We all laughed hysterically, and again when he asked "what?"

We were deciding on the proper way to make the burgers and there were many suggestions. The men just wanted to roll the meat into a ball and then press it over a grill. Gilles wanted to mix in oatmeal, and Christy and I had the only sensible suggestion of worcestershire, an egg, spices, and maybe some onions and bread crumbs. At least we all agreed it should be beef...

When we moved on to sides, Christy suggested beans, which we all happily agreed upon, until she clarified "black beans." Who eats black beans at a cook-out!? Frank, Steve, and I laughed as we brushed past her to grab the maple baked beans. During all of this we sent the Frenchy to grab the cheese. All that was left to buy was the grill, which cost us a whopping $6 and Gilles HP which was about $20. Yay, for megacorporations!

After our checkout, which when split between the 5 of us came to about $13 each, we were on to Petco to fetch a live mouse. While we were waiting on an employee to assist us, Frank was hit on by a large man at the counter who offered him "the mouse in his pants." (I think it was). The mouse was too cute and we were all gawking at him in his little cardboard box, which he peed in, on the way home. I guess he knew what was coming next.

Once we were back at Frank's it was snakey's dinner time. We all went in to watch the show. It was brutal and lasted about 15min total! Christy only stuck around for about 1min of it.

After that appetizing display, we were all starving, so we got started on dinner. The boys fired up the grill on the deck and Christy and I worked on the corn, beans, and cucumber salad. I don't know how the final decision was made, but the burgers were delish. Gilles taught us all a valuable Canadian trick- folding the corners of the slice of cheese inward so all the cheese stays on the burger, and doesn't melt onto the plate, or grill, or what have you. We all sat down on the deck with our burgers, hot dogs, and sides- the boys with their Moosehead and Christy and I with our wine (we are so much more sophisticated) and enjoyed the evening.

Sudah makan malam, Frank left to visit his advisor and the rest of us hung out on the porch chatting for a while about school, work, research, and life. After a while we decided it was time to play botchi ball. Of course it was dark by this time, but we agreed it was light enough near the sidewalk where there was a lamp (lamp post? street lamp?). All but Gilles were pretty terrible at the game. We went on a bit like this until Frank showed up and joined.

We had been down near the light playing for a while when someone looked behind us and saw a raccoon standing near the corner of one of the buildings. It was just standing there watching us all creepy like. We tried making noise to scare it away, but it just moved closer. The guys decided it would be fun to mess with it, so Steve bowled a botchi ball toward it. The ball rolled right toward the raccoon, bounced up and nailed it square in the face! It jumped, we laughed hysterically, and then it ran off. Or so we thought...

About 10 min later we turned around and saw it watching us again! The guys walked toward it again to try and scare it off, but it just wouldn't leave! Gilles got maybe 3 feet away from it and was clapping and trying to catch it, and then it decided to saunter away. We didn't see it after that, but it was the strangest raccoon I had ever seen.

It was getting chilly and we were getting delirious so we went inside. We stayed in the living room and chatted a bit. Steve fell asleep once on the floor and then twice while sitting up, so we decided it was time to call it a night. We all went to our respective sleeping places. Mine was the Cambodian guy's bed... I dreamt spiders were crawling over me all night. At least I hope it was a dream...

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