Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bastille Days and Dangdut

Today we went to Milwaukee for Bastille Days. It was the usual BFC plus Caitlin and Saku. As there were seven of us we had to take two cars. I didn’t want to be subjected to the torture that is Frank’s music, so I quickly volunteered to ride with Steve and Caitlin, and Saku.

Milwaukee was an interesting city. It wasn’t as interesting as Chicago, but the lake was beautiful and some of the architecture was spectacular. Though, it was obvious the city had gone through some rough financial times.

We parked the cars and walked over to Bastille Days. I’m not sure what exactly Bastille Days is supposed to be, but this was a big street fair with some “French” accents, and by some I mean “cancan” dancers and one guy singing in French. I did have some good lemonade though, and there were other performers worth listening to, even if they weren’t French. One was this group of little old men in white pants, red polos, white shoes, and red socks. They played a type of bluegrass (or something) that was quite entertaining and enjoyable. One of the men played a tuba that looked as if they had rescued it from an abandoned well. Another of the men played a washboard with black gloves that had metal tips on the fingers. He was probably the most entertaining.

There was another band playing that was sort of Reggae at first, but then switched in the middle. We had a good time standing around and admiring all of the different ways people found to dance to the music, some inconspicuously, some not. We also made our way down to Lake Michigan. It was beautiful and the weather was cool and breezy. There were about 3 or 4 weddings going on and every one of the groups was having pictures taken in front of the unusual, white structure that formed a bridge over the road to the lake.

We were all starving, so we slowly made our way to some Thai food, thanks to Frank’s incredible sense of direction (GPS). The meal was decent, but Christy and Frank did their arguing thing, which is always funny, and that is when we decided to start calling Saku Pocket. It just seemed like the right thing to do. After dinner we made our way back over to the festival where Frank purchased his African mask. We hung around a bit long and witnessed some oddly dressed people, men-women, and tiger dogs.

On the drive home we sped past Frank, Christy, and Gilles only to be passed by them shortly after while Frank was wearing his horrifying mask and flipping us off. We passed them again later, and when they retaliated it was with Frank’s big, white ass in the front passenger’s window. Saku threatened to sun them, but alas the threats were idle. For the remainder of the ride I enjoyed playing a million questions with Saku, and found out some interesting things about his family life.

Once we were back in Madison we managed to make our way over to the Eagle Heights Community Center for the Dangdut. It was dark and spooky, and we had to ask a questionable stranger for directions, but we managed to find it at last. We walked in and it turned out they were moving the party over to Arti’s place. We grabbed some things and helped make the move. Arti’s place was panas sekali dan there were banyak orang, but it was still fun. We hung around for a bit, dancing, talking, laughing, and drinking “watermelon jus” but we were tired and so left pretty quickly. All in all it was a great day and I managed to keep both shoes!

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