Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Do They Do It?

Indonesians seem to do crazy things for no apparent reason.

A few preliminary examples:

Taking all of the straws from juice and tea boxes and holding them at the counter. They never tell you they do this, you just have to know that the straw is at the counter. For weeks I just thought I had been choosing the juice/tea box without a straw!

When buying things from Gramedia or department stores (or similar places) there are usually at least three people and an equal number of papers you must go through before you are aloud to make your purchase. You choose your item and a person takes it from you and gives you a number. You then go to the counter and show your number and claim your item. The person there then writes you a ticket which you take to the cashier. The cashier rings you up and gives you a receipt and a copy of your ticket which he/she has either signed or stapled or both and you then take that ticket to the original counter where you are permitted to claim your item, with they have usually double bagged and stapled shut. So time consuming and silly!!!!!!!!

Garbage/ Recycling Bins without labels. Around campus there are so
me very smart looking new recycling and garbage bins. They are brightly coloured and there is a set of four about every 10 meters. However, these bins have no labels so there is no way to tell which rubbish goes where! Unless of course I'm forgetting that blue is the universal color for plastic and orange for paper!


  1. You Malaysian or sumpting! Like from Malaysia lah.
    ALL the bins on the UGM campus have labels.
    Blue Sampah Plastik, Yellow Smapah Kertas, Green.....wait for it Maddy.... Samapah Irish.
    Not really, Sampah Organik. And Red Sampah Lain.
    You and Adam have steamed the labels off the bins just so you can make a cheap jibe about Indonesian. Well there is a rumour going around that they are adding a white bin for Sampah Bule.
    Indonesian rubbish bins best in world lah!

  2. You smelly llama with glasses! There were no labels when the foto was taken! Ha!