Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Things When in Indonesia

Since I have moved in with Tom the electricity has gone out nearly every night. Since there is only once room with A/C the only bothersome part has been not being able to see. In a way it has actually been nice because without electricity there are not many distractions. Every thing is darker and quieter. This has also meant that Tom and I have had plenty of opportunities for engaging conversation.

One night I came home and thought it was strange that all the lights were out and all the houses on Ringalli were quiet. I was opened the door only to be scared half to death by Tom opening the door at the exact moment with a light shining from about the level of his forehead as if he were some disastrous offspring of an alien and a cyclops. Once my heart slowed to a normal pace Tom and I stayed up chatting about the trouble of trying to bank (or take care of anything back home really) when in Indonesia, especially with the added interference of louder than necessary motor bikes... grrr!!!

Just last night the electricity went out again. This time I was trying to finish up packing however, so it was a bit annoying. We remedied this by driving my motor bike just inside the front door and shining the headlight into the living room. I had to be quick though so as to not die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Once I had finished packing we turned the bike of and Lisa and I entertained Tom with some lovely singing. Our performance included such treasures as American Pie, Some Kind of Wonderful, Hallelujah, Mary Jane's Last Dance, Elephant Love Melody, Let's Do It, and Hotel California. You're welcome, Tom ;-)

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