Saturday, April 10, 2010

In an attempt to avoid working on the presentation I have to give next week I began work on a novel that will use words beginning with or containing the letter V as much as possible and gender neutral pronouns. Here is a little sample:

Nervous though hesh was at the vista of having heris heart rent from heris breast, hesh valorously received the invitation to polonaise. Vim and lasciviousness pervaded heris deepest reverie, and upon that inceptive kiss every vexation became but a mere vestige. Vituperative utterances slide vainly from the vile tongues of observers, for the two lovers perceived none. And so vertiginously they valse together throughout time. Arms commingled as a nostrum to the vuln they’ve endured by the cleavers of duplicitous inamorata.

Tom's contribution:

Vita vilely vituperative vilified hesh viscera vying vainly with Victoria’s voluminous voracities.‘Vaunt, viscous vagina!’, hesh vowed aloud. ‘Very vacuous!’ viperous Vicky responded with repartee in vaguely vampish vogue. ‘Vrai ventriloquism, ne’est pas?’ Hesh veins vibrating vociferously.

And a collaborative effort by Benita and myself:

Vernon was livid and not at all relieved upon receiving an unsavory vasectomy from the vixensih doctor Veronica. Veronica was Vietnamese and played the violin most vaingloriously.
Vroom, reverberated the violet Volkswagen van.
Veil view vampire vicariously villain vulgar vulture venture VODKA vary vegan vegetarian vegetable virtue
“You vulgar vulture!” yelled the virtuous veganish vegetarian Slovenian as she swigged the volume of vodka with

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