Friday, November 27, 2009


Lisa, Chris, Mira, Simon, Paul and I stayed up a little late last night at Djendelo (and some other place which I forgot the name of) playing cards, smoking peach (mix) Sheesha and drinking hot lime juice. We were supposed to be working on the semesterbook, but we ended up spending most of the time creating a new card game.

The name of the game is Montor (the Javanese word for motor bike).

These are the rules:

• All players get 7 cards.
• One card is turned over from the Ijo (deck). Players play a card of the same number or the same suit (a la uno).
• Boncenging applies. There are two piles and players can play their card onto either pile.
• Crash: If a player is forced to play onto another card of the same number, a crash occurs. If the card is a 1-5 the player must draw 2 cards, for a 6-10 they must draw 3 cards and for face cards they must draw 4 cards. Queen crashes are impossible.
• Fatal accident: If a player is forced to play an ace on another ace a final accident has occurred. The player must pick up the entire pile.
• Pile up: if four of a kind are played in succession onto the same pile, a pile up has occurred. The first player to have played one of the kind is killed and must pick up the whole pile. The last person to play must draw 4.
• Hujan: If a player is forced to play a 10, that player is kehujanan and must skip a turn to put on their poncho.
• Lampu merah: If a queen is played, the lamp turns red and the following player is ‘skipped’.
• Galian: If a 7 is played, play is reversed as a result of roadworks.
• STNK check: If a black Jack is played, the following player must have their STNK checked. If the player has a 2 they may play it to avoid a penalty. Players without a 2 at the STNK check mustdraw 2.

Thanks Paul for the original concept. Good team work guys coming up with the logistics! :-)
Everyone play and enjoy!

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