Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Current mood
: Stunned and Speculative
Category: Food and Restaurants

Recently, I was dining with some of my family and friends at a Mexican restaurant when I took notice of something that made my stomach turn and my immune system shriek. My brother, as most youngsters do, ordered his usual meal of fries with a side of chicken tenders. It was not until after he added a mountain of ketchup to his plate that I was repulsed in toto. Once he had finished squeezing the entire contents of the bottle of his favorite condiment onto his plate, he proceeded to lick the cap! Naturally I was appalled, but more importantly it sparked a thought. How many other tactless consumers had committed this very same galling action? How many times have I unknowingly enjoyed my fries with tainted ketchup? How many times have you? Which brings me to my point, while out at your favorite eatery, enjoy your lightly seasoned shoestring chips and your trite "chicken tenders", just beware the ever lurking, Kootie Ketchup.


  1. i don't ever want to think of this again. thanks for sharing.

  2. ?!? he so didn't. Why didn't you punch him? That's just wrong. I think i might take my own ketchup packets to a restaurant from now on, you know i'll do it! or...just don't go where your brother has been :) ~Jennie